Minnesota Walk In Area Update!

A recent note on the Minnesota DNR Walk-In Access (WIA) Program web page notes that hunters must purchase a WIA validation this fall to hunt WIA sites. Related to ELS Privilege Code 190 this is a nominal $3 fee designed to cover the cost of the license transaction with the remainder to be used for a hunter evaluation next year. The validation also gives DNR and policymakers a way to track the number of hunters whom hunt the WIA's.

Minnesota Walk-In Access Program

Prairie Pothole Day 2104

The 32nd annual Prairie Pothole Day was an incredible success this year. Great weather, great activities, and a great turn out led to one of our best fundraiser's to date. Folks were flowing into Stoney Ridge Farm even before the gates officially opened and they kept arriving all day, even when volunteers were starting to pull down the tents, collect the recycling, and put away the tables. Please keep an eye on the Chapter calendar for upcoming activities and events and if you want to help put on Prairie Pothole Day next year don't hesitate to contact a chapter member!

Prairie Pothole Day Speakers!

Prairie Pothole Day 2014 will feature two headline seminar speakers this year.

Scott ThreinenScott Threinen will be returning again this year to lead seminars on waterfowl calling and hunting. Join Scott on Saturday to refresh your skills, pick-up new techniques, and see the latest in duck and goose calls.

Molt Gear Calls

Carli FerronCarli Ferron from Northwoods Training Kennel will lead seminars on the latest activity for your dog - Shed Hunting! Join Carli to learn more about this new sport.

Northwoods Kennel

Wetlands: The Drain Game

Since signing on air in 1964 as the public television station serving North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, Prairie Public's production crews have logged uncounted miles and thousands of hours creating quality series, documentaries, and performance shows that have become viewer's favorites.

Wetland Reserve Program at 20 Years!

The Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) is a voluntary program offering landowners the opportunity to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands on their property.

Wetland Reserve Program at 20

Sea Level Rise, Subsidence, and Wetland Loss

A video from the USGS that describes the causes of wetland losses in the Mississippi River Delta

Wild Game Recipe Web sites

Now that fall is fully underway and most of us hopefully have some fresh game to cook for our families here is a short list of web sites for new recipes.

Minnesota Migration Report!

Aquatic Invasive Species - MN Waters at Risk

Hawk Eye Nature Cam

Hawkeye Nat CamThe Prairie Pothole Chapter has been building, maintaining, and documenting wood duck nesting structures for 30 years in West Central Minnesota. While it is fun to check the nest boxes after the chicks have hatched improvements in camera technology now allow you to watch what is happening inside the cedar boxes. The Hawk Eye Nat Camera is an excellent way to keep an eye on the happenings in your nest boxes. The Chapter is working with Birdhouse Spy Cam out of West Linn, Oregon to supply these cameras in Minnesota. You can learn more about the camera's by following the link to Birdhouse spy cam. If you are interested in a camera for your own project please contact Troy Heck at 320-905-5451.