We're out of Nest Boxes and Predator Guards!

We're having problems sourcing the predator guards and nest boxes this year. Unfortunately, we've run out of both so at the moment we have none to sell. Check back the future as we're working on the issue.

Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial!

Throughout 2016 conservation groups across the country will be celebrating the Centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty and a century of bird conservation. There are many ways to celebrate the Treaty and get involved!

Follow the pilot biologists as they survey waterfowl breeding grounds


*courtesy of California Waterfowl Association

Prescribed burns - fertilizing the prairie

Why do we restore wetland and upland habitat?

Wild Game Recipe Web sites

Now that fall is fully underway and most of us hopefully have some fresh game to cook for our families here is a short list of web sites for new recipes.

Hawk Eye Nature Cam

Hawkeye Nat CamThe Prairie Pothole Chapter has been building, maintaining, and documenting wood duck nesting structures for 30 years in West Central Minnesota. While it is fun to check the nest boxes after the chicks have hatched improvements in camera technology now allow you to watch what is happening inside the cedar boxes. The Hawk Eye Nat Camera is an excellent way to keep an eye on the happenings in your nest boxes. The Chapter is working with Birdhouse Spy Cam out of West Linn, Oregon to supply these cameras in Minnesota. You can learn more about the camera's by following the link to Birdhouse spy cam. If you are interested in a camera for your own project please contact LeRoy Dahlke at (320) 796-2787.